Oblivion Fleet News


Oblivion Fleet was originally founded in 3302 by CMDR Ferrook and a small band of independent bounty hunters as a way for them to become a more formidable force and increase their profits. As more members joined, they quickly realized they could contract their services out to local factions and do more than just simple bounty collections. They decided to officially register as a Private Military Company and Oblivion Fleet was born! Through the skill of their pilots, they achieved great success with their private security contracts and amassed an excellent reputation and an even greater wealth. Although their combat fleet is still their primary source of income, their new found prosperity has allowed them to begin flourishing into a multifaceted corporation consisting of combat, trade/passenger transport, exploration/research, and mining divisions. Through this expansion into multiple business sectors, they plan on becoming a powerful corporate entity with a large influence in their local section of space.
Oblivion Fleet is always hiring new pilots, from all roles, that want to contribute to and reap the rewards of Oblivion Fleet’s growing success.

Oblivion Fleet is a large and active group consisting of both veteran players and newcomers alike. We are always looking for more commanders to welcome into our group and enjoy the game with!
We’re a ‘jack of all trades’ group that participates in PvE and PvP combat, BGS, exploration, trade, passenger transport, thargoid hunts, mining, and everything in between! There’s a place for everyone in Oblivion Fleet.
As a global group, we have players covering most time zones, so there is always someone to play with. Oblivion Fleet is always actively recruiting pilots of all roles and experience!

Our prime goal is to have fun and enjoy ourselves in everything we do!
Currently we are carrying out many BGS operations to see our in-game minor faction prosper.
We also have a PvP division that practices their skills against other PvP oriented pilots at community goals.

If you are interested in joining and making some friends to wing up with, we have an active Discord server complete with imageboard section, and a Steam group.
To gain access to all of our channels, and receive official member status, all you need to do is change your discord nickname to match your in-game pilot name, and join the “Oblivion Fleet” group on Inara.


Check this forum thread for helpful links and sites that we have collected over the years.
We also share our ship builds to everyone to assist in kitting out your new ride.
Once you are signed up in Discord and Inara, we welcome you to also Join the Forums