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      Joystick Gremlin Mappings

      These are my mappings to use various functions of the MongoosT that are not supported by the game, or at least didn’t seem to work for me.  I would love feedback from others that get this hardware.

      With Joystick Gremlin I take unsupported buttons, and buttons beyond the allowed 32 per device that Elite has a limitation (Please vote for and submit to this bug report to get more than 32!!! https://issues.frontierstore.net/issue-detail/1763 )

      What you do is find the button you want to program using the VPC Joystick Tester application, click the button you want to know the number of and it will light up

      You can see the red light for Button 1, This is the big knob on the left of the throttle, you can push it in, and twist it both ways.  Button 1 is pushing in, Button 2 and Button 3 are the other directions.  I map 1 to FSS Scan, 2 to FSS Scan Tuning Down, and 3 to FSS Scan Tuning Up. I used numbers 1 2 3 for these

      Using the Joystick Gremlin feature of map to key, I turn these unsupported functions into button presses the game understands.

      Buttons 14 and 15 are the other wheel where your thumb is, I use these for scrolling, I mapped key numbers 4 and 5 for these

      34, 35, 36, 37 are the red flip switches marked T1 – T4.  These are cool because you can use them to hold down a button.

      34 / T1 I set to silent running, key 6

      35  /T2 I set to flight assist, key 7

      36 / T2 I set to primary fire, key 8

      37 / T2 I set to secondary fire, key 9

      Next up are the metal toggles for T5 – T7, these are numbers 44-49

      44 / T5 up I set to System Map, key Space Bar

      45 / T5 Down I set to Galaxy Map, Left Ctrl

      46 / T6 Up I set to Cargo Scoop, Numberpad 2

      47 / T6 Down I set to Landing Gear, Numberpad 1

      48 / T7 Up I set to Lights, C

      49 / T7 Down I set to Night Vision, B


      Next up are the E1  dial on Buttons 51 and 52 and E2 dial on 54 and 55

      51, E1 Left, previous subsystem, N

      52, E1 Right, next subsystem, M

      54, E2 Left, previous hostile, Period

      55, E2 Right,  next hostile, Comma


      Okay the next part is the big 6 light up buttons.  I ended up in mode 1 cause that was the stock blue color.  If you set up for mode switching, these numbers change, so these numbers only apply to Mode 1 (default blue).  When you change modes these 6 keys get different numbers, if you check the Tester and change modes while hitting the same button you will see the key number change by 5.


      So for me, Button 56, the top left blue button is Exterior Panel, key 5

      So for me, Button 57, the top middle blue button is Role Panel, key F

      So for me, Button 58, the top right blue button is Interior Panel, key G

      So for me, Button 59, the bottom left blue button is Chat Panel, key D

      So for me, Button 60, the bottom middle blue button is quick chat Panel, key A

      So for me, Button 60, the bottom right blue button is  Route, key [

      I will probably mess with different modes to change these 6 big buttons to things like fighter orders for mode 2, but I haven’t got there yet


      Thats it.  Getting this throttle setup takes time, but hopefully my ideas will help you get through it quickly.

      For any questions on the Oblivion Fleet website or forums, feel free to send me a message on Discord

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