Choose the best Motto:

  • Suggested by: Jakan Nos qui corvos pascimus - Translates to: We who feed the crows28.57%6 votes
  • Suggested by: Makozer Age. Fac ut gaudeam - Translates to: Go ahead. Make my day.19.05%4 votes
  • Suggested by: Harklyn Classis omnis oblivio - Translates to: Oblivion over all47.62%10 votes
  • Suggested by: Kill-switch Veritas odit moras - Translates to: Truth hates delay4.76%1 vote
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  • netburnr
      Member since: October 4, 2020

      It’s time to vote! We have 16 entries across 4 polls. The top of each poll will then be put into a grand championship poll next week. Poll is for 1 week, and will show the results after you submit your choice.

      For any questions on the Oblivion Fleet website or forums, feel free to send me a message on Discord

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