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    In this video you will learn the disassembly  and re assembly  procedure needed to replace the default medium weight springs and Avasim cams with your choice of spring weight, and cam profile.

    The MT50 CM2 comes with 3 pairs of springs, which will pre tension your axis and determine the amount of force in general you need to apply to the stick to move the axis in a given direction.

    >Light weight – thin wire, in silver.
    >Medium weight- thin wire, in black.  This set is pre installed from the factory.
    >Heavy weight – thicker wire, in silver.

    The MT50 CM2 comes with 4 pairs of cam profiles.  The Cam profile determines how the stick feels as you move an axis from it’s minimum to it’s maximum.  There are 2 profiles and  2 options for a center “bump” that will be felt as the axis crosses the center position.

    The two profiles are AviaSim, and CosmoSim

    AviaSim – his cam profile aims to replicate the feel of a modern aircraft in atmosphere, where you will feel more resistance as you approach the end of the axis, in order to simulate increased drag on the aircraft during extreme maneuvers that you would in real life.  For example it will take more force to pull the stick back to 100% from 50% then it would from 0% to 50%.

    CosmoSim – This cam profile aims to reproduce the linear feel of a spaceship, where there is not increased resistance at more extreme ends of the axis (there’s no resistance of the atmosphere), and provides a steady, linear progression of force needed throughout the axis.

    Each cam profile will come in two variants,  no center and soft center.

    No center – as the name implies, there is no tactile feedback when crossing the center of the axis.

    Soft center – this cam will provide a slight “bump” feeling as the stick crosses the center point of the axis.

    The MT50 CM2 comes pre installed with AviaSim, soft center cams, and medium weight springs.

    The below  image can be used for a reference, the profile is identified by the number of holes, the center bump option identified by the number of notches along the bottom of the cam

    AviaSim – 2 holes
    CosmoSim – 3 holes

    No center – 3 notches
    Soft center – 2 notches
    MT50 CM2 optional cams and springs

    The below image demonstrates the impact the choice of cam has on the force required to operate the axis.

    Orange – AviaSim, no center
    Red – AviaSim, soft center
    Green – CosmoSim, no center  (note this is a truly linear cam, the line is straight, requiring consistent force throughout the entire axis)
    Blue – CosmoSim, soft center
    Deflection comparison between cam profiles and center options

    o7 CMDRs, fly dangerously!


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