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Join on Inara

Inara is a fantastic companion website for Elite Dangerous that is invaluable for many things including engineering, and regardless of whether you join us, having an account on Inara is a great idea. We also have a Steam group, and although joining that group is encouraged it is NOT required. Our Inara page is located at

Join Steam Page

Our Steam page is located at

Join Discord

Post your in-game commander name in #cmdr_names on the discord server (change your Discord nickname in this server to your CMDR name) This helps us all figure out who is who on the Discord and in-game, since Discord and in-game names are frequently different.

Join in game

Submit an application to our in-game squadron, Oblivion Fleet (OFLT). You will find this under the home icon in the right side panel.

Join the forums

Join the Forums, Edit Your Profiles, and join the conversation.


To make sure your membership is approved quickly, @mention someone ranking Captain or above on our Discord channel (check the user list in discord for ranks). This will make sure that someone is prompted to check the Inara page as soon as possible.


I do a bit of everything in game, hit me up if you need help with anything.
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