Welcome new pilots. This is CMDR Bards’ welcome pack with lots of useful information about the game. Click on each section to expand it. If the image seems small or blurry, click the image to see the full size version in a new tab.

Hud elements

The fuel gauge is shown by two lines, the larger bottom gauge is the main fuel tank, hyperspace jumps take fuel directly from this tank. The thin gauge above is the fuel reservoir which is used for everything else. The power plant draws fuel from the reservoir tank and any online modules will increase fuel usage (shields, life support, thrusters, supercruise, hardpoints, etc). The reservoir tank automatically refills from the main tank when empty. The Nav compass shows a solid circle if the target is in front of your ship and a hollow circle if it is behind you.

Credit: Frontier Developments

Symbols that appear in the ship schematic part of your hud, where hull health is indicated on the right side.

Credit: Unknown

For help finding a specific location on a planet use EDBearing – http://hotdoy.ca/ed/bearing/

Credit: Frontier Developments
Credit: Unknown

The difference between humans and NPCs on the ship’s radar. Also players will always have CMDR before their name. Triangular icons in supercruise indicate the target has a frameshift interdictor on board.

Credit: CMDR CunningStunt

Starport Icons

Credit: CMDR Mat2596

Visual quick reference for navigating planets & moons

New Player Tips

Avoiding the loop of shame, a.k.a. loop of correction. Your speed will still be affected by the mass of nearby planets but you can safely ignore any slow down warnings while at 75% throttle.

Credit: CMDR CunningStunt

How to get your SRV out of a steep Ravine

Credit CMDR Alec Turner.

SRV Wave Scanner Signatures

Credit: Unknown

Fuel Rats emergency fuel procedure for if you run out of fuel without a scoop. Always fly with a scoop!

Credit: https://fuelrats.com/

How to find your landing pad. Enter on the green side. Keep your speed below 100m/sec to avoid fines. Always give way to larger vessels.

Credit: Unknown

How to find your landing pad. Enter on the green side. Keep your speed below 100m/sec to avoid fines. Always give way to larger vessels.

Credit: Unknown

Federation and Empire rank ascension with ship unlocks and system permits.

Source: http://elite-dangerous.wikia.com/wiki/Elite_Dangerous_Wiki

Know Your Ranks

Applies to combat noobs, know your ranks before engaging a ship, or it could be the rebuy screen for you.

Credit: Unknown

Uncle Jack Shaftoe’s Guide to Crima and Punishment for 3.0 gameplay.

Uncle Jack Shaftoe

Scanning and Mapping

Filtered Spectral Analysis (Beta 3.3)

Credit: CMDR Qohen Leth
Credit: CMDR Qohen Leth

Filtered Spectral Analysis (Beta 3.3)

Credit: /u/angrmgmt00

Efficient Planetary Mapping – A Visual Guide to DSS probe launcher firing patterns

Credit: Unknown
Credit: Unknown
Credit: Unknown
Credit: CMDR Jantah

Holographic body ID chart, Average payout for detailed surface scan.

Credit: CMDR Digistruct0r

Credit: CMDR Dubardo

Exploration, identifying profitable bodies

Credit: Unknown

The Colonia Highway, 6 planetary bases situated between the bubble and Colonia; capable of repair & refuel.

Data copied from https://eddb.io/faction/75116

Known asteroid bases 2.3

Data copied from http://elite-dangerous.wikia.com/wiki/Asteroid_Base

How to boost your FSD jump range using a neutron star. For long distance exploration using slingshotting you will need 2 auto field maintenance units (so they can repair each other).

Credit: Unknown

Materials and Mining

Where to find materials

Credit: Down to Earth Astronomy

Materials required for synthesis.


Rare Goods Trading Route

Big 3 comparisons without engineering. Probably out of date now.

Ship comparisons, compared to Fer De Lance.


All things Powerplay.

Credit: Sokonomi


Engineer unlock flowchart


Credit: CMDR Ayoshi

Careers and Game Progression

Ships and fun stuff

Official 2.2 Players Guide [https://d1wv0x2frmpnh.cloudfront.net/elite/website/assets/English-PlayersGuide_v2.20-TheGuardians.pdf]

Make your own Coriolis station.

Ship Builds: https://oblivionfleet.com/ships/